Raffles Starters offers a bespoke world class early years education for each child.

Raffles Starters is an extension to our Raffles Nurseries, offering an easy and helpful transition from nursery to school through a holistic approach to education.

We understand that children develop differently, and our teachers employ a variety of teaching strategies and techniques to engage pupils and to keep them on task. The teachers thus provide challenge and support where they cater for the needs and abilities of each student.

At Raffles Starters we believe in a “growth mindset” and repeatedly express positive expectations and build student self-esteem and belief that they can succeed, as learners and in life. Our teachers have high expectations from the students, they challenge and inspire them, expecting the most from them, so as to deepen their knowledge and understanding

Alongside our extensive care and warm environment, we can offer your child the skills they need to succeed in school life and prepare for their future learning. We are a school that can offer a more personal approach in our unique, boutique peaceful environment.


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